Intellasia East Asia News – Airlines cease collecting tags of checked baggage

Airlines will no longer collect tags of checked baggage at the exits of the domestic arrival terminals of airports, helping save time and facilitate the movement of passengers.

According to the Vietnam Airlines Group, Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines and Vasco began on August 29 to stop checking tags of checked luggage at airports. Previously, passengers would be required to produce the tags of their checked bags when they exit airports, and airline staff would collect the tags from passengers.

Airlines will randomly check the checked baggage at the exit, instead.

Vietnam Airlines has advised travellers to customise their luggage by adding a name tag with the contact information or tying the baggage with noticeable items. Passengers will be given free name tags at the check-in counters by airlines.

Passengers are not advised to put valuable items in their checked baggage. They should carefully check their luggage before exiting the airport.

Many surveillance cameras have been installed at the baggage claim and exit area at the Hanoi-based Noi Bai International Airport.

During the National Day holiday (September 2), the airport is expected to see a 20 percent increase in passenger traffic compared to weekdays, at 80,000 people, the local media reported.

The airport has boosted aviation security personnel by 20%, ensuring that all passengers and luggage are screened for security before boarding.

Several airlines suspended checking checked baggage’s tags at the domestic arrival terminals during the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections last year.


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