Intellasia East Asia News – Anti-Corruption Advisory Board says MACC reviewing SOP, aspects of integrity in enhancement effort

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is currently reviewing its standard operating procedure (SOP) and various internal aspects of integrity as an enhancement measure, according to the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board (LPPR) one of the MACC’s five independent monitoring bodies.

LPPR chair Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang said the Complaints Committee (JKA) another one of the MACC’s independent monitoring bodies had proposed 31 improvements to MACC’s work procedures, including non-compliance in handling case items, weaknesses in handling classified documents and inspection of investigation procedures and logistics requirements.

Abu Zahar said at present, the MACC had maximum controls in place to ensure internal control over officers such as creating the MACC Anti-Corruption Plan (2021-2025) and the MACC Code of Ethics and Conduct as well as implementing several programmes on strengthening integrity.

In a special press conference here today, he said the MACC had also set up a special branch or “internal affairs” division as a preventive measure to detect, investigate, take stern action against any officer suspected of being involved in crime.

“The MACC has given its assurance that it will not remain silent on such issues. Many things have been done including monitoring the luxurious lives of officers, monitoring the authenticity of property declarations of officers, drug and ketum tests, monitoring cases involving serious indebtedness and troubled officers reported by the division or state director,” he said.

He said the LPPR would continue to monitor the development of related issues and provide its views in forming a commission with officers of high integrity.

On the case of abuse of power and misappropriation of case items involving a former director-general of a government agency, Abu Zahar said he was satisfied with the MACC’s action in investigating the case, and one of the suspects from among the MACC officers under investigation was charged at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court yesterday (January 4).

According to him, the MACC and LPPR had, from the very beginning, wanted the suspect to be charged in court as soon as possible to avoid negative public perception, but the MACC did not have the power to file charges.

He said LPPR was also informed that following the case, the MACC had carried out asset recovery, and confiscated about US $ 4.07 million and RM1.6 million in cash, as well as assets purchased from the illegal money, namely two plots of land, three cars, two motorcycles and a house.

On the case of a gang robbery incident on December 10 (2021) involving MACC officers, Abu Zahar said the MACC had called up the suspects and handed them over to the police.

“This indirectly proves the MACC’s determination on not compromising with or protecting any of its officers involved in any criminal misconduct,” he said.


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