Intellasia East Asia News – Anupong: he and Prawit will leave government with PM Prayut

If the Constitutional Court decides, as many polled believe, that PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has reached his limit at the end of his eight years in charge and must step down, minister of Interior Anupong Paochinda says that he and deputy prime minister Prawit Wongsuwan would also depart the government. The trio, sometimes referred to as the Three Por generals or the 3 Ps, has helped run the country together since the military coup in May of 2014.

The Five Provinces Bordering Forest Preservation Foundation is chaired by Prawit and hosted his 77th birthday party yesterday that was attended by many top civil servants and important cabinet members. It was there that Anupong commented on the three exiting government together.

He quashed rumours of Prawit ascending to the prime minister position saying “no, definitely not, honestly” when asked about it. He did commend Prawit on the competent job he has done and refused to comment on his physical fitness but suggested that Prawit was unlikely to be interested in the job.

Anupong also said that it’s almost guaranteed that he and Prawit would depart the government at the same time and that he was not planning to contest a general election that replaced him. During his remarks, he also said that the Three Por generals would exit office without leaving obvious successors, declining to take on proteges to be groomed to step in as their replacements and continue their political agenda.

The birthday celebration was an opportunity for the Three Por generals to gather and show unity. Anupong and Prawit were photographed embracing, with Prawit’s arm around Anupong, after which Prawit commenting that there were no fights among them.

PM Prayut was also at the party and gifted Prawit a framed picture of a rooster in reference to his Chinese zodiac sign.


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