Intellasia East Asia News – Aqua City to be ideal location for expanded business activities

Located at the heart of arterial traffic routes and surrounded by a unique river and natural landscape, as well as good infrastructure and facilities, Aqua City is poised to become the most modern business urban area in the region.

The fast urbanisation and growth of people’s income lead to increasing demand for shopping and services. Accordingly, shophouse products at well-planned projects are sought after by many investors and businesses.

The prospects of prosperous urban area

Le Thi Xuan, CEO of Shynh Group, decided to own a shophouse in the Aqua City Smart-eco urban area to expand her business. Sharing the reason for this investment, Xuan said that an urban area like Aqua City with convenient traffic connections will bring more opportunities for business.

Xuan stated that Aqua City, with a scale of more than 1,000 hectares, will accommodate around 60,000 residents, in addition to many tourists from Bien Hoa city, Thu Duc City, and HCM City, and international visitors from Long Thanh airport in the near future will bring long-term investment potential for both the asset’s value and business potential.

Meanwhile, Harry Morant, CEO of Buy2sell – which owns the Vang Online brand and specialises in distributing imported wines and beverages – said that Buy2sell also decided to open a branch in Aqua City after considering the advantages of its location and good connection with other provinces and synchronised infrastructure.

Morant also expressed his appreciation of the natural landscape of the river, the scale, and the all-in-one utility system. Among those, Aqua Marina and Aqua Central Mall are creating a prosperous life for their residents. Aqua City is designed similarly to the riverside complexes in large cities in other countries, such as the Clarke Quay and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the Asiatique in Thailand.

Deciding to set up a branch to display and supply wine products at Aqua City, Morant hopes to be able to reach many customers, bringing efficiency to business activities with a large number of high-class customers.

The stepping stone from the ecosystem of Novagroup

Aqua City is planned and developed by Novaland Group with the model of a smart ecological urban township towards creating new living standards.

On a scale of 1,000 hectares surrounded by rivers, the project reserves 70 per cent of the total space for green areas and includes a complete transport infrastructure and internal utilities. The project will not only be meant as a residence but also aims to become the leading entertainment and leisure destination in the region.

Aqua City has completed a series of high-class utilities that are ready to serve the incoming residents. Highlights include the Aqua Marina (a complex of squares and marina), the Aqua Sports centre (a multi-choice, 5-storey indoor and outdoor sports complex with advanced equipment), a classy clubhouse chain, and the Aqua Security centre (a modern security centre that applies AI technology).

It is expected that, until the end of the year, the 1.4-hectare Aqua Central Mall will converge famous brands, shopping and culinary streets, and boutique shophouse with fashion and food outlets.

In addition to the facilities that have been put into operation, many high-class facilities will also be deployed in the near future such as the Aqua Theatre, the 4-star resort Aqua City by Fusion, the Yacht Club, and the Aqua Arena multi-entertainment indoor centre.

According to Novaland’s representative, the factor that enhances the value of Aqua City also comes from the comprehensive companionship of the NovaGroup ecosystem. Novaland and other key members of NovaGroup, including Nova Service and Nova Consumer, are developing an ecosystem of convenient products and services, satisfying the needs of comfortable living of Aqua City’s residents, making this place become the leading destination for shopping, dining, entertainment, and living in the region.

Aqua City is applying many incentive policies, with a voucher worth VND100 million ($4,350) when visiting Novaland Gallery and checking in the Nova F&B restaurant system. NovaLoyalty also offers up to 5 per cent, 2 per cent for business clients, and 3 per cent for bank loan schedules.

Customers and investors can own real estate products by only depositing 5 per cent of the initial capital value without loan payments, interest, and early prepaid fees. Offers apply with conditions.

Register to visit and experience Aqua City at or contact 1900636666.


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