Intellasia East Asia News – Thailand records 2,313 Covid-19 cases and 16 deaths on Friday

Ministry of Public Health reported on Friday (June 24) morning that in the past 24 hours there are 2,313 new patients who tested positive for Covid-19, four of whom have arrived in Thailand from abroad.

Death toll increased by 16, while 1,489 patients were cured and allowed to leave hospitals.

Cumulative cases in the country since January 1, 2022 are at 2,286,106.

The country’s total caseload from Covid-19 stands at 4,509,541 4,456,524 of whom have recovered, 22,458 are still in hospitals and 30,559 have died.

Separately, another 7,683 people were given their first Covid-19 shot in the last 24 hours, 14,796 their second shot and 38,331 a booster, bringing the total number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered nationwide to 139,354,423.

According to Worldometer, confirmed cases globally had risen to 547.45 million on Friday, 522.76 million of whom have recovered, 18.33 million are active cases (36,347 in severe condition) and 6.35 million have died (up by 1,650).

Thailand ranks 26th in the global list of most cases, which is topped by the US with 88.57 million, followed by India with 43.37 million, Brazil with 31.96 million, France with 30.43 million and Germany with 27.57 million.


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