Intellasia East Asia News – Tokyo registers 37,767 new coronavirus infections on August 5

The Japanese capital recorded 37,767 COVID-19 infections on August 5 after registering 35,339 infections the previous day, the Tokyo Metropolitan government announced.

The figure marks the 17th straight day for Tokyo to see over 20,000 infections.

There were 21 COVID-19 deaths reported in the capital on August 5, and total coronavirus fatalities in Tokyo stand at 4,729.

The capital is battling a seventh wave of coronavirus infections. It saw 567,960 cases in total for the month of July, or a daily average of 18,321.3. Tokyo recorded 58,614 total COVID-19 cases in June, for an average of 1,953.8 per day.

Tokyo has registered 2,331,579 coronavirus infections to date.


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