Intellasia East Asia News – Two-thirds of Taiwan managers say working from home does not affect efficiency

According to a survey published on Tuesday (June 22), 64 percent of Taiwanese managers do not see working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic as having an impact on work efficiency.

The poll by the 104 job bank also found that 36 percent of managers say the practice reduces teamwork efficiency to 83 percent of its potential, Sanlih E-Television reported. A total of 81 percent of managers replied that working from home did not influence the outcome of the work, while 19 percent said it did.

Key problems included the difficulty of face-to-face conversation, the absence of necessary equipment, slow internet at home, and the intrusion of domestic life.

Though staying at home to work could save time and expenses related to commuting, 20 percent of managers spoke of increased work pressure related to an unclear separation between work time and time off, the 104 survey found. The number of online meetings and filling out of work diaries was also likely to take more time.


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