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Intellasia East Asia News – US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to visit Taiwan in spring: Report

US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is planning a visit to Taiwan in the spring, according to Punchbowl News, a Washington-based political news daily.

The Pentagon is preparing for the trip regarding security logistics and a likely response from China, the report cited an unspecified official as saying. In August of 2022, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane took a detour that skirted the South China Sea before it landed in Taiwan to avoid a potential conflict.

McCarthy said he would also like to visit Taiwan if elected speaker. He has on many occasions voiced his support for the country to be allowed participation in international organisations and has urged expedited US arms sales to the country.

The trip comes as House Republicans make reining in Beijing top of their agenda. Earlier this month, the 57-year-old politician successfully pushed for the creation of a new committee dedicated to addressing threats posed by China, which was hailed as a bipartisan victory.

The planned visit, if followed through on, will make McCarthy the third US Speaker to travel to Taiwan since 1997.

Pelosi’s visit prompted a furious reaction from Beijing, which carried out round-the-island live-fire drills and imposed a bevy of economic sanctions as well as cutting off some exchanges with the US



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