Intellasia East Asia News – Vaccine passport inevitable for Hongkongers: Bernard Chan

Many other countries are heading towards the direction of issuing vaccine passports, and it is inevitable that Hong Kong will one day join them, said convenor of the Executive Council Bernard Charnwut Chan.

When speaking to media on Saturday, Chan said many places outside of Hong Kong realise that the pandemic cannot be solved if people do not get the vaccine, which is why their policies are all pointing at the direction of vaccine passport.

This came after sources said that the government will extend the “vaccine bubble” to cover restaurants and premises such as cinemas and gym rooms. By then only citizens who have gotten at least one dose of Covid vaccine would be allowed in, sources added. Chan also cited health experts and said that the vaccination rate of the city should reach 80 to 90 percent before reopening international borders.

“How would Hong Kong’s economy revive if citizens are not getting the vaccine?” he asked, expressing concerns that the lengthy quarantine requirement for returnees will stay in place in the future.

He noted that Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city and it is impossible for the city to stay closed to travellers and businesses for an extended period, which is why the vaccination rate must keep climbing.

“The whole world is doing this (receiving vaccination), how possibly can Hong Kong be not doing this?” Chan said.


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