iPhutu pap with buttermilk – Indulge in South African tradition

Crave some South African goodness? Try this iPhutu pap with buttermilk. It is an old South African favourite entrenched in tradition. It is sure to satisfy if you long for a taste of good old Mzansi.

Preparing iPhutu pap with buttermilk will not even take 30 minutes of your time and then you will have a much-loved South African dish on the table to serve. If your family is familiar with this dish, you will have lots of happy smiles around the table.

The recipe only includes maize meal, water and buttermilk. You may decide to buy ready-made buttermilk or amasi or you can make your own. The benefit of making your own is that you can adjust the sour and thickness level according to your taste. Some people like their buttermilk really thick and sour whereas others prefer it thinner and less sour.

Surprise your family with an old-fashioned South African traditional dish and pull out of your sleeve this iPhutu pap with buttermilk.

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