Irish make up only half of medical students

Only half of medical students at six undergraduate schools are from Ireland

Joe McHugh, TD

Irish students make up only half those studying medicine in the country’s six medical schools.

The latest figures show that of 1,298 medical students, a total of 665 were from Ireland, 579 were non-European Union (EU) students, and just over 50 were from other EU countries.

The highest number of medical students were studying at National University Ireland, Galway at 288, followed by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland at 25; University College Dublin 227; University College Cork with 212 medical students; Trinity College Dublin at 172, and the University of Limerick 148.

The most recent figures are based on students enrolled in year 1 for the academic year 2017/18, which is the latest year for which full data is available, according to Joe McHugh, the Minister for Education and Skills.

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