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‘It is not possible to make an accurate assumption’: Pakistan rejects scientific prediction of strong earthquake

Pakistan’s National Seismic Monitoring Center (NSMC) has rejected claims of a strong tremor in Pakistan by Dutch scientists, who predicted the exact timing and date of the earthquake.

The reality of Shaman’s failure

Officials said that the Shaman fault definitely exists (there was an earthquake in 2013), but it definitely cannot be predicted when the next earthquake will occur.

Responding to questions about the predictions of Dutch scientists, NSMC authorities and experts said that a fault could cause an earthquake, but it is not possible to accurately predict the possible timing.

“Many predictions from the Solar System Geometry Survey have proven wrong,” they said.

Weather analysts say there is no need to be alarmed by the rumors circulating on social media.

It is reported that changes and disturbances in the tectonic plate can only be guessed and it can be safely predicted when an earthquake will occur and in what area.

The Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS), a Netherlands-based organization known for its seismic predictions, has made headlines by predicting a large earthquake in Pakistan.

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