Janice From ‘Friends’ Addresses ‘The 1 Mistake’ On The Show In Hilarious Viral Video

Actor Maggie Wheeler jumped back into character as Janice from “Friends” to offer a hilarious musical take on the hit sitcom’s “one mistake.”

Wheeler joined the singer-songwriter Jax to recreate the show’s theme tune — “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts — from the perspective of her onscreen alter ego, whose on-and-off relationship with Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing only ended for good once he got together with Courteney Cox’s Monica Geller.

The video begins with Jax, an “American Idol” alum, singing that “no one talks about the one mistake” on the show. Monica and Chandler, she says, “went together well, but I think Chandler should have ended up with someone else.”

Then Wheeler takes over as Janice ― with her “Oh. My. God.” catchphrase ― and delivers these tongue-in-cheek lyrics:

Chandler, I’ll wait for you, when you and Monica get divorced. I will wait for you, you know you always loved me more…

“You love me, Chandler Bing,” she declares at the end, with her character’s trademark laugh.

Jax shared the video to TikTok, where it’s garnered more than 7 million views.

Wheeler appeared in 19 episodes of “Friends.” She’s previously described how she came up with the character’s signature accent and cackle, saying in 2014 that Janice’s voice was inspired by audition notes about a “fast-talking New Yorker.”

“I grew up there and I just know those people, and I just interpreted that character the way I imagined she would be,” she explained.

The laugh happened “organically in the first rehearsal,” she told Australian TV in 2016.

“I needed to find a way to laugh because Matthew Perry is so funny. And working with him, I knew right away, I thought, ‘This guy’s gonna make me laugh on set, I’ve gotta be prepared. What am I going to do?’” she said. “So I created Janice’s laugh just as a safety measure for when Matthew made me laugh.”

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