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Jarryd Hayne jailed for four years and nine months for sexual assault

Leaving a $550 cab waiting outside and a half-drunk Vodka Cruiser in the mailbox, Hayne told the driver he needed to pick up a bag. Inside the woman’s bedroom, Hayne played her favorite songs on a laptop, including a cover of Oasis’ Ed Sheeran. Wonder wall.


The case of the Crown was that the possibility of sex evaporated for the woman when he noticed the taxi he was waiting for, after a blast of its horn or a knock on the door.

The judge said the complainant had been “open to something sexual happening if it happened the right way” but her “heart dropped” and she felt Hayne was there for “one thing”, telling her mother, “there’s no way that I”. I’m about to have sex with him.”

Crown prosecutor John Sfinas claimed that Hayne created fear in the victim, who weighed 48kg compared to Hayne’s 104kg, and was motivated by his own sexual gratification.

Hayne, in his testimony, said:: “I knew that she did not want to have sex; I thought that she would just please her and that was it ”. But the judge noted, by Hayne’s own account, “he places her hand on her crotch.”

The judge said the jury should have rejected Hayne’s account as true or possibly true, and should have accepted the whistleblower’s account.

In her testimony, the woman said Hayne grabbed her pants and “ripped them off in one fell swoop,” was abrupt and forceful, and carried out the acts despite her saying “no” and “enough.” leaving her bleeding.

“The offense only stopped when the bleeding started,” Turnbull said. “He didn’t voluntarily give in.”

Hayne left the house at 9:53 p.m. Responding to the woman’s texts that she was “hurt” and “didn’t want to do that,” she said, “go to the doctor tomorrow.”

The woman who is now 30 years old, in a victim impact statementHe said his life had been “thrown into what feels like an endless nightmare” that includes going through three trials in less than five years.

“I haven’t been able to move on or feel any sense of peace,” he said.

“I am stronger and wiser, but I am damaged and I will never be the same person.”

He found the social media discussion and reporting “extremely difficult to deal with”, saying people talk about horrifying private sexual assault “as if they were there”.

The judge said: “These comments on sentencing and the imposition of this sentence must not obscure the fact that there was a young woman here who was criminally treated by this offender.”

Defense attorney Margaret Cunneen, SC, had argued that Hayne was a “very different man” since the “pause” in his relationship with his now-wife Amellia Bonnici, with whom he shares three children.

“Mr. Hayne has a very stable, trustworthy and loving relationship and a cohesive family unit,” she said.

She said Hayne, a two-time Dally M medal winner who played for Parramatta Eels and Gold Coast Titans, was publicly vilified, experienced an “extraordinary loss” of his “stellar rugby league career” and still faced the prospect of to be deprived of his achievements.

Jarryd Hayne walked out of court with his wife Amellia Bonnici on April 4 after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in 2018.Credit: Dion Georgopoulos

Bonnici previously told the court that the family had been living off Hayne’s savings.

Hayne’s first trial ended with a split jury, and convictions reached by a second jury in 2021 were overturned on appeal. He was released from Cooma Correctional Center in February 2022 and faced a third trial in Sydney.

His bail was revoked in the Supreme Court 10 days after the guilty verdicts, and he has been remanded in Silverwater prison ever since, isolated from other inmates.


The judge expects Hayne to receive his prisoner classification in a few days and to be returned to Cooma jail, where high-profile inmates are held.

Turnbull said he considered Hayne “well on his way to rehabilitation”, noting his commitment to the Christian faith, devotion to his family and change in attitude towards alcohol, and considered him to be at low risk of recidivism.

Hayne’s lawyers have indicated their intention to appeal the verdicts.

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