Jawad Umer reveals why father Umer Sharif rejected US citizenship

Jawad Umer reveals why father Umer Sharif rejected US citizenship 

On Saturday, a condolence reference was held in memory of late Umer Sharif at the Arts Council of Pakistan.

The event was attended by Sharif’s family members, colleagues and admirers. While speaking to them, the President of Arts Council, Muhammad Ahmad Shah stated, “I am grateful that there are so many Umer-loving people here. He was a great artist. The Arts Council is his home. I was friends with him for 40 years. The election didn’t affect our friendship either.”

He added, “Umer Sharif gained the kind of fame with theatre that artists can only imagine gaining through TV or film. The value of his art was transcendent. He wasn’t old enough to go.”

Moreover, Sharif’s son, Jawad Umer spoke at the event, he said, “My father was a great man. Wherever he went abroad, he added to the respect of the Pakistani flag. He turned down US citizenship, saying ‘Pakistan’s passport is the strongest’.”

He urged, “He put smiles on people’s faces all his life and was at the forefront of welfare work. Now, we have to fulfill his dream of building a hospital.”

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