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Jimmy Kimmel Shows How Fox News’ Favorite New Lie Fell Apart In Just 1 Night

Fox News has spent weeks hyping a new form of fear-mongering, just in time for Halloween.

“Dangerous immigrants are filling our children’s bags with fentanyl,” Jimmy Kimmel said, summarizing the right-wing network’s talking heads.

Experts dismissed the panic alerts issuing from the network.

“The idea that because [the pills] are colorful means that [cartels] must be trying to force fentanyl or ply children or their Halloween candy is markedly ridiculous,” Mariah Francis of the National Harm Reduction Coalition told Rolling Stone.

The experts were right to be skeptical, as Kimmel noted during Tuesday night’s monologue.

“After nonstop coverage on Fox News for weeks blaming Joe Biden for stuffing our pumpkins with drugs, it would appear that there were no fentanyl Skittles consumed at all,” he said. “And let me just say, thank god for the heroes at Fox for covering that threat.”

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