Joe Biden Comes Clean About His Favorite ‘Performance Enhancers’

Joe Biden has answered baseless accusations that he would use performance enhancers for Tuesday’s presidential debate in Cleveland.

And he did it with a “dad joke.”

On Tuesday, a conspiracy theory among President Donald Trump’s supporters sprouted suggesting that the former vice president would wear an electronic device in his ear during the first presidential debate.

According to the theory that NBC News said was pushed in a text message sent by the Trump campaign, Biden also declined to “undergo inspection for electronic ear pieces before debate.”

The Biden campaign denied the disinformation, which came just days after the president suggested drug tests to make sure Biden wasn’t using “performance enhancing drugs” for the debate.

But Biden did come clean on Tuesday afternoon on Twitter with a photo showing exactly which “performance enhancers” he used.

Naturally, Twitter users had their own thoughts.

Some said the choice of ice cream was no coincidence. 

Others weren’t impressed by the earphones.

Some people cried conspiracy…..

Others thought Biden’s tweet did what it was designed to do.

Others were resigned to the fact that it wouldn’t stop the disinformation campaign.

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