Joe Rogan, COVID misinformation and Spotify’s $100m dilemma

From: The Listening Post

Audio streaming giant Spotify is facing the music after scientists accuse its star talent of spreading fake news on COVID-19. Plus, the Twitter war in Ethiopia.

A new front has opened up in the battle over content moderation, turning our attention from Facebook and Twitter to the land of podcasts.

Zaid Jilani – Writer, Inquire
Kat Rosenfield – Co-host, “Feminine Chaos” & culture writer
Joshua Dudley – Media and entertainment writer, Forbes and co-Host, “Let’s Yell About Movies!”
Jessica Malaty Rivera – Epidemiologist and science communicator

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Hashtag Battles in Ethiopia

For 15 months now, the conflict in Ethiopia has been fought under a near-total media blackout. Nicholas Muirhead looks at the online activism filling the information void.

Claire Wilmot – Doctoral researcher, London School of Economics
Abebe Gellaw – Journalist
Meaza Gidey Gebremedhin – Tigrayan activist

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