John Oliver And Danny DeVito’s Takedown Of Teflon Will Stick With You

At one point, Oliver showed a 1994 ad featuring a chirpy DuPont worker who gushes about the company’s nonstick synthetic chemical Teflon ― a PFAS ― and its many uses. The commercial pretty much presents Teflon as “wizardry,” Oliver noted.

So to add some “much needed context,” Oliver recruited a boisterous DeVito for a wicked spoof of the ad.

Said DeVito: “People think of Teflon and they think of frying pans ― big hot plates with smooth long sticks. Teflon is not one thing. It’s disease, sickness and it’s fuckin’ everywhere! That’s DuPont magic. Ta-da!”

There’s more. Watch the original ad at 5:49 and the DeVito sendup at 17:50.

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