John Oliver Gets Local Car Dealer To Produce ‘Unhinged’ Ad And It’s… Um… Wow

John Oliver was disappointed to learn that some local auto dealers have been making ads based on the same scripts from a single company rather than doing their own original spots.

That, he said, is “a real shame, because at their best, local car ads should be unique and completely unhinged ― not franchised out, making nothing special anymore.”

So he and his team wrote an ad of their own, to be given for free to just one auto dealer, but only if the dealer agreed to produce the spot without reading that script beforehand.

“I would argue that that was a hell of an offer on our part, and to be honest, quite a risk for someone to take on,” he said. “Do you really think we could be trusted with a situation like that? Because I definitely don’t.”

Oliver said they had several takers ― and selected one to create an ad that probably isn’t what you’d expect from the “Last Week Tonight” team.

Oliver was off the air on Sunday night, but posted a video update on YouTube, complete with the entire ad that will run in Minnesota this week:

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