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Kangana Ranaut criticizes Priyanka Chopra’s statement on Bollywood pay parity: “I get paid…”

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After Priyanka Chopra recently spoke about giving up pay parity in Bollywood, Ranaut Kangana He stated that she was the first actress to fight for the same in the industry and revealed that many actresses make movies for free even now. She also claimed to be the only actress who is paid as much as male actors. For the uninitiated, Priyanka revealed that Citadel was the first project of hers in her 22-year acting career in which she was paid the same salary as her male co-star.

Kangana took to her Instagram Stories to share a video of Priyanka Chopra speaking out about the pay disparity in Bollywood, where the latter claimed she was paid around 10 per cent of what the male actor would be paid. The Texas actress wrote: “It’s true that women before me simply submitted to these patriarchal norms… I was the first to fight for pay parity and the most disgusting thing I faced while doing this was my contemporaries offering to work for free in the same roles I was negotiating… I can confidently say that most A-listers (females) make movies for free in addition to offering other favors because they fear the roles will go to the right people… and then they slyly publish articles that are the highest paid, haha…”

Adding that she is the only actress who is paid the same as male actors, Kangana concluded, “In the film industry, everyone knows that I only get paid like male actors and no one else… and they don’t have no one else to blame.” at least now…”

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Priyanka’s Statement

During an interview, Priyanka Chopra said: “I’ve never had pay parity in Bollywood. I’ve done almost 60 movies there, but I’ve never been paid the same amount as my male co-actor. I’d get paid around 10 per cent of my co-actor. masculine. (The pay gap) is substantially large and a lot of girls are still dealing with it.”

“I thought he was dark-skinned. I thought she wasn’t pretty enough. I thought she would have to work a lot harder even though she probably had a little more talent than my lighter-skinned co-stars. I thought it was correct because it was very normalized. I think as I got older, I saw things in my career that I didn’t even know were right or wrong and I had to educate myself and learn along the way,” she added.

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