Kangana Ranaut is ‘eagerly waiting’ for Instagram to ban her

Kangana Ranaut is ‘eagerly waiting’ for Instagram to ban her

B-Town megastar Kangana Ranaut, only days after getting banned from Twitter, is now ‘eagerly waiting’ to get suspended from Instagram.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the actor slammed the photo-video sharing platform and said getting banned from there would be like earning a “badge of honour.”

“On Instagram everybody is a victim of capitalism an entire generation of youth eaten up by the termite of capitalism and consumerism their indifference and disdain for the nation and its crisis is appalling, lack of human values empathy and nationalism makes them ugly shallow and useless…. this platform never appealed to me and I am eagerly waiting to be banned here , it will be a badge of honour,” she wrote.

“When I look back I will remember I did not fit in I made them uncomfortable I asked questions and pushed them to go beyond buying and selling when you look back what will you see yourself as? Meek obedient sheep in a herd waiting to exploit or get exploited?” she added.

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