#Kazakhstan managed to stay one step ahead of #COVID-19 epidemic

Italian politician and MEP Fulvio Martusciello praised the measures taken in Kazakhstan to combat the spread of coronavirus, Kazinform reports.

Martusciello stressed that the measures were timely and absolutely correct. Kazakhstan managed to stay one step ahead of the epidemic and avoid the terrible consequences that we see in some European countries. According to the MEP, strict but necessary restrictions have helped save the lives and health of thousands of citizens of Kazakhstan. Acting ahead of the curve has reduced the pressure on the health system, and doctors have time to build up their capabilities.

“In this regard, your country is acting in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Recently, the Director of the World Health Organization European regional office, Hans Kluge, set Kazakhstan as an example in the fight against coronavirus,” Martusciello emphasized. It is also important that the government, having taken preventive measures of deterrence, has allocated significant resources both to support the health system and the social sphere, and Kazakhstanis have rallied under the onslaught of a common threat, he added.

“The presence of unique scientific institutions in the region in the field of biotechnologies and dangerous infections in the country made it possible to develop test systems for coronavirus in a short time, as well as to start testing a vaccine against it. All this demonstrates the high competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s biomedical industry,” the Italian politician pointed out.

“Speaking about coronavirus, I would like to recall the traditionally friendly relations between Kazakhstan and the European Union. Any crisis ends and now is the time to look to the future, where relations between the EU and Kazakhstan will become even stronger,” Martusciello said of the future of the EU-Kazakhstan relations.

“In March, the European Union and Kazakhstan began an exciting new chapter in their relations after the EU-Kazakhstan Enhanced partnership and cooperation Agreement came into full force. With the entry into force of the agreement, we can fully take advantage of its benefits – from deepening comprehensive ties in the energy and transport sectors to joint actions in the field of climate, education and science,” the MEP said in conclusion.

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