Kellyanne Conway Lets Loose On Jared Kushner In New Memoir

Conway described Kushner as a “shrewd and calculating” man who knew he was unlikely to be held accountable for his failures.

“There was no subject he considered beyond his expertise. Criminal justice reform. Middle East peace. The southern and northern borders. Veterans and opioids. Big Tech and small business,” Conway wrote, per the Post. “If Martian attacks had come across the radar, he would have happily added them to his ever-bulging portfolio. He’d have made sure you knew he’d exiled the Martians to Uranus and insisted he did not care who got credit for it. He misread the Constitution in one crucial respect, thinking that all power not given to the federal government was reserved to him.”

According to Conway, her relationship with Kushner soured, in part, because he accused her of leaking to the media. She denied the accusation.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal’s White House reporter Michael Bender reported that Kushner and Conway had disliked one another since the 2016 campaign, and found ways to undermine each other while working together.

“They’re fighting over who loves me the most,” Trump reportedly told Bender in 2017 when asked about the infighting.

Conway, the aide who famously coined the term “alternative facts,” gives her account of her tenure in the White House in her forthcoming book, “Here’s the Deal: A Memoir.” Kushner may have some notes on Conway in his own memoir, which hits shelves in August.

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