Know About the Auspicious Muhurat and other details

Panchang in Hindu religion is used to predict auspicious tithi, vaar, yoga, karana and nakshatra of the particular day as per the movement of celestial bodies. As per the Hindu Panchang, April 4, 2021 is the Krishna Paksha, Ashtami of Chaitra maas in Vikram Samvat 2078 Ananda. The day is Ravivar (Sunday). The day will also mark Sheetala Ashtami that usually falls on the eighth day of Holi.

Sunrise and Sunset time for April 4:

Sunrise time: 06:08 AM

Sunset time: 06:41 PM

Moonrise time: 01:58 AM, April 5

Moonset time: 11:25 AM

Tithi, Nakshatra and Rashi Details for April 4:

The Ashtami Tithi will start go on upto 2:59 AM on April 5, 2021. Nakshatra for the day will be Purva Ashadha that will prevail till 2:06 AM on April 5. Talking about the rashi for the day, the Moon will be in Dhanurashi while the sun will remain in Meena rashi. The Surya Nakshatra will be in Revati.

Shubh Muhurats on April 4:

According to the Hindu calendar, the hours of the day are divided into certain muhurats. Some devotees plan their day as per these muhurats before doing any important work since shubh muhurat brings favourable outcomes. Among all the muhurats, the most auspicious muhurat is Abhijit muhurat. As the Panchang for April 4 suggests, Abhijit muhurat will prevail between 11:59 AM to 12:49 PM. While the Godhuli Muhurta will remain from 06:28 PM to 06:52 PM

Inauspicious timings for April 4:

Rahu kalam is the timeframe that comes under influence of planet Rahu that is considered to be the most inauspicious muhurat. Though Rahu is not an astronomical planet, it is considered as the one in the Hindu astrology due to its major impact on a human being’s life. On April 4, Rahu Kalam will start 05:07 PM to 06:41 PM. Avoid doing any important work during this time of the day.

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