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Like that of a story someone would eventually make into a movie – the opening scene is of a young fellow called Ajit Chambers standing in City Hall presenting his incredulous business plan to then London Mayor – Boris Johnson. A plan showing how to make £200 million by opening London’s Disused Tube Stations as tourist attractions.

I am Ajit Chambers, and whilst I am no blonde Jennifer Arcuri, my tale gets even more unbelievable as Boris Johnson leans across the table vigorously shouting ‘ Hurrah, I think you have something here, brilliant man’ and tasks Transport for London’s Commercial Director Graeme Craig to manage Mr Chambers project.

However every story has a culprit, two in this case. Instead of working with me as Boris had asked, like a devious school child, Graeme convinces TfL project manager Niall Brolly to pretend they have designed the project Mr Chambers presented to Boris.

Both Graeme and Niall now see dollar signs, Mercedes for their wives, posh schools for their kids, new houses all round and decide to present Mr Chambers complex plan to the Board of Transport for London pretending it was their own brainy idea.

Now at this point, I could use the word alleged or just wait for Transport for London to deny any of the above but instead I jump to the facts that I have seen.

Emails and phone calls from the Struengmann Brothers to Donald Trump, all offering investment to me. Large sums like the £20 million I showed Boris in City Hall or the offer of a cheque by the end of the day for the whole £200 million from a certain British Greek-Cypriot.

Meanwhile Dastardly and Mutley (aka Graeme and Niall ) busily start a public bidding competition for my project ( think Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races) and then boom – they claim to be the winner of the race and award the contract to themselves.

When Boris Johnson finds out that Graeme and Niall have been behind his back he authorises a meeting with Graeme to discuss a settlement to avoid the embarrassment, but I turned this meeting down with a bigger goal in mind.

Although many errors of judgement go unnoticed, like Monica Lewinsky I ‘kept the dress’ – diligently recording phone calls, emails and meetings with Graeme and Niall to collate all the proof necessary to enable his lawsuit, if timed right, to render Transport for London Bankrupt.

The real question is will it be Graeme Craig and Niall Brolly who cause Lady Justice to order TfL to close forever.

When asked for my opinion, I answer;

‘’The horse left the stable long ago. No one likes a thief, there will be no settlement. When the time is perfect the UK’s Highest Court will decide.’’

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