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Large Middle Eastern companies: clean label and sugar reduction ‘must’ to penetrate local beverage market

The Middle East and Dubai in particular are well known for being associated with luxury and opulence, which also brings with it greater awareness among consumers when it comes to food and beverage consumption and a greater demand for higher quality.

This has a lot to do with the local drinks sector, particularly when products are associated with beauty and skincare, given the climatic conditions of the region and the potential impacts of this on the skin.

“High quality is a must here in the Middle East and especially in Dubai, and when it comes to anything associated with beauty, the need and demand is even more evident.”​ Rob Furse, director of beverage brand +PW’s parent company, Millennium Group, said FoodNavigator-Asia​.

“It is very clear that consumers are limiting their consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks (partly due to higher prices), but mainly due to a greater awareness of the health and wellness connotations, so beverage brands are also They must adapt to these changes.

“For us, newer products, like the beauty-focused Collagen Booster, were formulated without sugar or artificial ingredients, as well as a blend of vitamin B3, B6, B7, and C for skin maintenance along with collagen itself. .

“Any existing products that have ingredients that may be of concern are considering being reformulated to remove them, as along with sugar, the idea of ​​clean label is also gaining traction.”

The push to eliminate sugar is especially clear for companies seeking to position themselves from the beauty or wellness aspect, as several dermatological studies have identified excessive sugar consumption as a factor in skin aging, aggravating problems. such as inflammation and collagen damage.

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