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Legends of Aap Ki Adalat: Why did comedian Kapil Sharma hide his face from Rajat Sharma in flight?

Image Source : FILE IMAGE Rajat Sharma questions Kapil Sharma

Legends of Aap Ki Adalat: India TV Editor-in-Chief and Chairman Rajat Sharma is back with his iconic show Aap Ki Adalat. But before the viewers meet the new guests, the show’s host has some major revelations to make. For instance, when comedian-actor Kapil Sharma saw Rajat Sharma on a flight, sitting next to him, he hid his face. But why did he do that? Find out!

Kapil Sharma met Rajat Sharma in flight

While narrating the incident, Rajat Sharma told “Before Kapil Sharma’s show was recorded, he met him in a flight.” Kapil was sitting next to India TV Editor-in-Chief, who had recognized him. But as soon as the comedian saw Rajat Sharma, he took out his handkerchief and covered his mouth, to avoid the former. Adding further, Rajat Sharma said, “I kept looking at him with a crooked neck, then the air hostess got us food. Kapil Sharma was covering his face with his hand, even while eating food, so I asked him why you are hiding your face. Kapil said I am scared that you may ask some questions from me.” To this, both laughed and Rajat Sharma replied, “I don’t just ask questions, but…” Watch to Know Rajat Sharma’s answer to Kapil’s reaction. 


Rajat Sharma has shared more of such anecdotes and behind the scene stories that happened during the three-decades-long journeys of  Aap Ki Adalat on ‘Legends of Aap Ki Adalat’. 

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