Lemon Filled Jello Cups – Sweet, sour and a joy to eat

Like so many things these days, lemons are trending. Also, there are lemons everywhere right now and we want to use them. These lemon-filled jello cups are perfect for children’s birthday parties and adding sweet chocolate to these sour lemony treats turns it into an adventure to eat. Lemon Filled Jello Cups are bound to become a fan-favourite.

Lemon rinds are firm enough to use for cups to fill with many things. You can even ask the kids to help you make them. It’s that easy. Add the chocolate sweets into the semi-set jello to make it easier to insert into the cups and top with more sweets and some whipped cream. Ice cream also makes a great topping for these sweet treats. There’s one more thing that makes this such a great dessert treat for children’s parties; a lot less dishes to wash. It’s sweet, sour and a joy to eat.

It’s summertime in South Africa and fresh sweet Lemon Filled Jello Cup treats are the way to go. Having cute and colourful desserts aren’t just for kids either, so, enjoy!

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