Love Letter: Checking in on Your Quarantine Crew

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If you’ve ever wondered if the old saying “familiarity breeds contempt” is true, then this pandemic has provided the perfect testing ground. Whether it’s suddenly cohabitating with a partner or hunkering down with family, isolating with loved ones for the past three months has altered the dynamics of many relationships. We asked our readers to share how their relationships have changed during this time. Some have found that the extra time with partners, friends or roommates has strengthened bonds, while others find themselves hiding from their kids in the bathroom or longing for the days when they had private time.

As thousands of protesters gathered in the streets of Philadelphia last Saturday to protest against racism and police brutality, Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon, who were getting married at a nearby hotel, decided to join the crowd while raising their fists in solidarity. For some, the captivating moment was a symbol of the power of love. For the bride, it was a surreal and emotional moment that she describes as being “so profound.”

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