Love on the Mountain Bike Trail

For a first date, they went on another mountain bike ride, in nearby Saranac Lake, N.Y., and then afterward to trivia night at a local bar. A first kiss soon followed, as did more dates and more trail rides.

“She’s got really, really beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile that lights up the area,” Mr. McNamara said.

In the spring, as a sort of stress test for their relationship, the couple piled into Mr. McNamara’s 1990 Ford Econoline and drove down the Mid-Atlantic coast to North Carolina, stopping along the way to go mountain biking.

“That’s when I definitely fell in love with him,” Ms. Voyer-McGiver said.

In summer 2018, they moved in together. Ms. Voyer-McGiver recently completed training as a registered nurse (though the traditional “pinning” ceremony was a casualty of the coronavirus pandemic) and has applied for work at a hospital in Saranac Lake. She graduated from the State College at Purchase.

“I think we kind of knew that marriage was coming down the pipeline after that,” he said.

On April 23, the two hiked to a viewpoint that they can see from their house, and were married. Mr. McGiver, the cousin, who is a Universal Life minister, officiated; his wife, Jamie West-McGiver, who is a photographer, took pictures.

After the wedding, the two did not rush home for a first pedal together as a married couple. “But there is a good chance any honeymoon of ours will involve mountain biking,” Ms. Voyer-McGiver said.

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