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Malaysian man saves 50 sen coins for 7 years and uses money to buy iPhone 14

A Malaysian man painstakingly saved 50 sen coins for seven years and was able to buy an iPhone 14 with his savings.

A TikTok video posted on September 1 showed Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Hamid, 30, in his living room with a 19-liter water bottle filled to the brim with coins.

“The result of seven years of savings. Alhamdulillah (thank God),” she wrote in the caption of the video.

The video showed Mr Hafiz and some members of his family trying to get the coins out of the bottle, but only a few came out due to the narrow opening.

Then one of them uses a saw to open the bottle. The video ends with images of neatly stacked 50 sen coins.

Hafiz said it took him, his wife, sister and sister-in-law three hours to count the coins, which amounted to RM5,360 (S$1,560), which he used to buy an iPhone 14.

Speaking to lifestyle and entertainment portal mStar Online, he said he was surprised by the amount he managed to save, saying it started as a hobby in 2016.

“At first I put them in cups and cookie containers, but as the amount increased over the years, I kept them in the huge water container,” she said.

Hafiz, who works as a housekeeping supervisor at a hotel in Penang, said he also exchanged ringgit notes for 50 sen coins from his family and friends.

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