Mater Hospital to Virtually Host New European Course on Precision Medicine: A Focus on Clinical Utility

Dr James O’Byrne said the course is timely given the new therapies that will be increasingly available to patients in the years ahead

Between April 25-27, 2022 the Mater Hospital will host (virtually) the first European Society Human Genetics (ESHG) Course/Workshop on ‘Precision Medicine: A Focus on Clinical Utility’.

The course, developed by a team led by Dr James O’Byrne, Consultant Physician at the National Centre for Inherited Metabolic Disorders, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (MMUH), through a collaboration between the ESHG and a MMUH-Trinity College, Dublin-University College, Dublin.

Dr James O’Byrne

Dr O’Byrne said the course is timely – given that the new therapies that will be increasingly available to patients in the years ahead. They estimate that about 300 new targeted therapies will be available to patients by 2030.

The recent advances in the field of genomic/ multi-omic medicine has led to an explosion of new information about what underlies health and what constitutes disease, explained Dr O’Byrne.

“This has armed clinicians in 2022 with the capacity to significantly improve upon what they have always practiced, taking a personalised and tailored approach to medicine by establishing the most accurate diagnosis possible,” he said, “and then selecting the most appropriate treatments or preventative measures according to well-defined, biologically-informed disease subtypes, accounting for individual differences in genetic make-up, behaviours, cultures, lifestyles and the environment”

However the appropriate education to allow for the implementation of these medical advances in an effective, efficient and safe way remains inadequate, he added.

“This new ESHG course has been developed to help bridge this educational gap with the primary aim of this course to help train the next generation of clinicians and scientists to be able to translate precision medicine into effective clinical benefit”.

“It will give participants an up-to-date knowledge of the principles of precision medicine and a practical knowledge of the field, applicable to almost every area of medical practice/ interest.”

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