Medical Council consults public on fitness to practise

Public consultation exercise has been launched on draft Rules for Fitness to Practise committees

The Medical Council has launched a public consultation today (June 12) on draft Rules for the Fitness to Practise Committee, and subcommittees of the FTP Committee.

Essentially, the published draft Rules are derived from the long-standing procedures relating to the FTP Committee and its subcommittees, with some minor amendments.

Section 11 of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 allows the Council to develop “Rules” for the purposes of the better operation of any provision of the Act.

The medical regulatory body has done so recently in other areas such as registration and professional indemnity changes.

Following the public consultation, the draft Section 11 Rules are to be reviewed in light of the feedback submitted.

The Council is to convene in three weeks’ time, online, on July 2, to consider any submissions or comments received within the specified time frame in respect of the draft Rules.

The Medical Council may make the Rule in the form of the draft as published, or with such changes as it determines, or decide not to make the Rule.

Every rule made under this section must be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.

Submissions on the draft Rules should reach Kingram House by noon, Wednesday July 1.

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