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Meet the startups representing the best of Northern Dutch tech

The road to TNW Conference 2023 has started! With only five months to go until Europe’s leading tech festival, TNW is touring several up-and-coming tech hubs across the Netherlands to uncover the best of Dutch tech ahead of its the flagship conference in June.

First stop? Groningen. On Thursday, TNW’s event took place during the MXT 2023, in collaboration with Founded in Groningen and Founded in Friesland. This brought together startups, investors, corporates, and municipality representatives who shared how Dutch companies are enabling what’s next in tech in the Netherlands’ northern regions: Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe.

Among Dutch startup tech hubs, the North stands out due to its fast growth, with the three regions being home to more than 330 startups that generate over 5,000 jobs. Since 2018, Groningen has seen a 12% annual growth in the number of startups, followed by Friesland at 8%, and Drenthe at 4%.

“If you compare the current startup ecosystem in the North to ten years ago it’s completely different, especially in respect to collaboration. Startups, academia, and investors are now working closely together,” Niek Huizenga, Investor at G-Force Capital, said during the event. “Yet, we have to move forward faster and adopt a growth mentality to be even more competitive.”

“The North is ahead of the other regions in the fields that matter the most, such as energy solutions and agrifood — an advantage that we should be prouder of and communicate more,” Anne-Wil Lucas, Ecosystem Partner at NOM, added.

Road to TNW Conference 2023