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Michael Cohen Calls Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ The ‘Biggest Grift In U.S. History’

Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen on Sunday blasted the former president’s baseless claim that the election was somehow rigged against him as the “greatest grift in U.S. history.”

Cohen insisted in an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Trump continues to cry fraud to raise money to line his pockets.

Trump “has made it very clear that he is grifting off of the American people, these supporters, these individuals that are just sending money to him at record levels,” Cohen said, referring to Trump’s “Big Lie” lie.

“This should become a documentary, and it should be called ‘The Greatest Grift in U.S. history,’” he mocked.

Because portraying himself as a victim is so lucrative for Trump, Cohen doesn’t believe he will run for re-election. If he loses again, the money-making complaint will lose its grifting power, Cohen believes.

“If he loses, which he will, in 2024, what happens to the Big Lie? The Big Lie disappears,” Cohen said.

“He can’t now be like the boy who cried wolf: ‘Oh, they stole it from me in 2020 — they now stole it from me in 2024,’” he said. “Now that goes out the door, and there goes his money. There goes the big grift.”

But Trump will pretend to toy with the idea of running right to the “very last second,” Cohen predicted.

“He makes a statement that, ‘I’m thinking about it. I’m thinking about it.’ That’s only to keep the grift growing,” Cohen claimed. “It’s really amazing that people don’t see exactly what the guy is doing.”

Trump is already beginning to act like a candidate, but he has said he can’t reveal his plans yet because of “ridiculous” campaign finance laws. The laws would require an accounting of incoming contributions and expenditures.

Cohen, who said he is continuing to cooperate with investigators, is convinced prosecutors could “indict Trump tomorrow” if they wanted to — “and be successful.”

He believes prosecutors will go after Trump — and his children Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr.

Todd asked Cohen if he was complicit in any of the crimes he believes were committed.

“I can assure you that Donald Trump is guilty of his own crimes,” he responded. “Was I involved in much of the inflation and deflation of his assets? The answer to that is yes.”

Cohen last week ended a three-year sentence — much of it spent in home confinement due to the pandemic — for campaign finance violations and lying to Congress, among other crimes.

Check out Cohen’s full interview in the video up top. He talks about Trump’s “Big Lie” grift beginning at 6:37.

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