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Millionaire moves: Kagiso Modupe buys wife Merc for Mother’s Day

Zwide’s House director and former Scandal! Actor Kagiso Modupe surprised his wife Liza Lopes with a brand new Mercedes Benz on Mother’s Day.

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The producer-director peace module left his Instagram followers feeling ecstatic after he bought the mother of his children and wife Liza Lopes a Mercedes Benz on Mother’s Day.

He wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day my love. You hold such a special place in my heart, not only as my wife and mother of my children, but also as my smile keeper. When my late parents named you Mmarona, they knew you would be the Mother of the Bakwena clan. You have blessed me with the most amazing treasures of my life, our children Tshimollo and Motheo, and above all your heart. Always, until the end, no matter what.”

The beloved actor-turned-director, dubbed Mzansi’s “Tyler Perry,” shared photos and a brief clip of his wife blindfolded and led to her Mother’s Day gift, which moved her to tears of joy as she removed the bandage .

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Film director and actor Kagiso Modupe revealed in a 2022 interview on King David’s Podcast that he used his private part to become a millionaire. “It’s funny… I used my private parts to become a millionaire.”

When asked by the podcaster how he used his masculinity to become a millionaire, the star added that at the time he had been married to his wife for 12 years and was uncircumcised.

He realized that since he is not circumcised, he can educate and encourage other men to get circumcised.

Modupe approached Brothers For Life and Right to Care to start a public circumcision campaign to encourage men to get circumcised with him on the same day.

He created an ad on social media saying that he will receive R1 for every man who gets circumcised.

The filmmaker managed to persuade 1.1 million South African men to get circumcised in just one day and was able to earn his first million as a result of this campaign.

MESS reported that the millionaire movie lose love which was released in September 2019 peaked at number one in major Mzansi theaters within the first week of its official release and became the first independent film to gross over R4.1 million in five weeks.

Modupe’s film was nominated for six awards, including Best Actor (Kagiso Modupe), Best Actress (Samela Tyelbooi) and Best Supporting Actress (Tshimollo Modupe), Best Supporting Actor (Thato Molamu), Best Director (Sanele Zulu) and Best Cinematography (Gavin Sterrley). ) at the Idyllwild International Film Festival in California.

“It’s a pleasure to announce that #losinglerato has been nominated and will be screening at @IdyFest in Palm Springs, California next month,” Modupe said.

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