Mini Protein Pancakes – Everybody loves pancakes

We are here to tell you that you won’t be skipping breakfast again. Breakfast is of course, the most important meal of the day. Your first meal of the day does impact how you perform your daily tasks. These Mini Protein Pancakes provide you with a tasty and nutritious kick-start to your day, every day.

Every day starts with a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates and various micronutrients. These Mini Protein Pancakes provides this healthy ratio and is only 314 calories per serving. The pancakes taste just like your favourite homemade recipe, while adding yoghurt and strawberries makes provides great flavour and nutrients. The pancake batter is quick to make and you can even make it the night before so that you can wake up and fry in no-time.

Mini Protein Pancakes provide the kick-start to the day that you deserve and they taste incredible.

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