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Miss Universe Pakistan Erica Robin’s remarkable journey amid controversy – Times of India

In a momentous turn of events, Erica Robinresident of Karachi, etched his name in the annals of history by winning the coveted title of ‘Miss Universe Pakistan.’ His remarkable victory not only represented a personal triumph but also gave him the esteemed responsibility of representing Pakistan in the next miss Universe contest in El Salvador. While his triumphant journey garnered widespread praise, it also ignited a fierce and polarizing debate over whether he should unofficially carry the mantle of being the nation’s representative on the world stage.

An intense debate has raged in Pakistan over Erica’s victory, with religious scholars opposing her representation of Pakistan in the pageant. Source: Erica Robin/Instagram

At the forefront of this fervent opposition was Taqi Usmani, a prominent religious scholar, who vehemently expressed his concerns. He called for government intervention and demanded that Pakistan officially disassociate itself from such international spectacles. Usmani, along with other conservative voices, was deeply skeptical about people like Erica Robin being perceived as Pakistan’s ambassadors, challenging the very essence of its representation.
Joining the chorus of dissidents was Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, a vocal critic who had previously criticized the film “Joyland.” He resolutely described participation in Beauty contests as “shameful” for Pakistan and urged a re-evaluation of the nation’s stance in such contests.
Journalist Ansar Abbasi echoed these sentiments and questioned the authority under which Pakistani women were granted permission to participate in these global competitions. His investigations, along with the increased scrutiny surrounding the issue, exacerbated the intensity of the controversy. Information Minister Murtaza Solangi, responding to growing criticism, clarified that the government had not formally nominated any person to participate in these contests. There was speculation that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could be involved, although no official statements had emerged in this regard.
However, a contingent of voices argued vehemently that such official scrutiny of a seemingly trivial issue only served to magnify something that was not an issue, thus perpetuating a divisive debate.
Coming to Erica Robin’s defense came Asma Jahangir, distinguished human rights defender and former chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. She condemned the misogynistic attacks against Erica and drew parallels to the backlash previously faced by renowned figures such as Malala Yusufzai and Sharmeen Chinoy. Jahangir questioned why Pakistani women’s international achievements were perceived as stains on the nation’s moral fabric, stating that such a perspective was both regressive and condemnable.

Erica Robin

However, support has also poured in, with journalist Asma Jahangir condemning the misogynistic comments. Source: Erica Robin/Instagram

Despite the growing controversy surrounding her participation, Erica Robin was inundated with messages of support and solidarity on social media. Many emphasized that all Pakistanis, regardless of gender or background, possessed the inherent right to represent the nation on the world stage. Erica herself, aware of the immense responsibility that accompanied her role as the first Pakistani Miss Universe contestant, pledged to fulfill her obligations with unwavering dedication. She was determined to ensure that her trip did not tarnish the nation’s impeccable reputation.
In an exclusive interview with VOA Urdu, Erica Robin revealed that her entry into the world of modeling was significantly influenced by actress and model Vaneeza Ahmed. Vaneeza Ahmed He not only congratulated Erica on her historic victory but also weighed in on the Miss Universe Pakistan controversy. She astutely observed that a substantial portion of the criticism came from male detractors. Ahmed posed a thought-provoking question, challenging resistance to the notion of Pakistani participants excelling in international competitions and earning titles such as “Mister Pakistan”.

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