Missing pilot’s body recovered from debris in Balochistan

A file photo of instructor pilot Qazi Ajmal.

QUETTA: The remains of an instructor pilot, Qazi Ajmal, were found from the debris of his gyrocopter crash in the Awaran area of Balochistan, three days after his aircraft went missing, Geo News reported.

Ajmal had flown from Karachi three days ago but his small lightweight aircraft reportedly crashed after disappearing when it entered Balochistan.

Balochistan wildlife department official Amanullah Sajdi said Ajmal’s body was found from  the mountains near Poldat in Awaran, where the small gyrocopter had crashed.

Missing pilots body recovered from debris in Balochistan

The Lasbella district SP seconded the official’s statement, saying that the body and aircraft debris were recovered from Kund Malir. He said that the body was being shifted from Kund Malir to Hub.

Ajmal belonged to the Qazi family of Peshawar.

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