Moonchild Sanelly’s ‘Chicken’ song ruffles fans’ feathers

What came first, the chicken or the egg? These are just some of the lyrics on a new track released by Sanelisiwe Twisha, better known as Moonchild Sanelly. Clips of the track have been circulating on social media and fans and users alike were quick to share their reactions.

‘Chicken’ leaves Moonchild Sanelly fans unimpressed

The song, titled Chicken, features on her new album, Phases. has largely been met with skepticism as many fans seem rather unimpressed by the new track. Social media users took to Twitter to share their comments. 

LISTEN: Moonchild Sanelly’s ‘Chicken’ song

One user said that the singer doesn’t take her fans seriously. 

Others called for the songstress to retire.

“Chicken and egg 

moonchild should

retire what’s this?”

@Muhum0 via Twitter

Another user was quick to poke fun at the song as an ode to Moonchild’s love for chicken.

“I don’t know of anyone who likes chicken like Moonchild… I mean wasn’t her first song about how tasty chicken is???”

@neo_GiFT808MATH via Twitter


However, fans also took to Twitter to share their support of the new release. Die-hard supporters were quick to maintain that regardless of the eyebrow-raising track, Moonchild remains one of South Africa’s most talented exports.

Award-winning DJ and music producer Shimza argues that “she knows what she’s doing”. 

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Another user argued that they enjoyed the song regardless, arguing that American singer, Doja Cat sang about cows, therefore Moonchild is free to sing about chicken.

“We enjoyed the Cow song by Doja Cat, we will enjoy the chicken song by Moonchild”.

@osiristhe1 via Twitter

The track features on the musician’s latest album, Phases, which was released in June. Phases is her second album, a follow-up to her debut album, Rabulapha!, which was released in 2015.

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