More Sauce, Please!

I think I am having a sauce moment with our newest recipes. First, there was the guasacaca sauce from Yewande Komolafe’s recipe that I wrote about last week. Last night, I made Eric Kim’s new recipe for chicken with fish-sauce butter, which is below. Then there is Hetty McKinnon’s tahini sauce with her roasted carrot salad, also below.

Francis Lam’s caramelized scallion sauce is a favorite in my home. Samin Nosrat’s yogurt sauce! J. Kenji López-Alt’s recipe for chimichurri. (Speaking of Kenji, do not miss his epic story on no-knead bread, with a genius new technique for the original recipe.)

All of the above can be paired with chicken, tofu, grains, fish, vegetables, eggs and/or steak. This is a meal format I love — protein plus sauce — remarkably flexible in every way, and a gift to cooks who just want to make something easy, then douse it with flavor. A lot more sauces are coming your way from New York Times Cooking this summer. Get excited!

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Also, a reminder: Mother’s Day is on Sunday. If you’re cooking, every single one of the recipes below would work nicely. But we do have approximately a million other ideas over here. I’m if you want to reach me; I love to hear from you.

1. Roasted Chicken With Fish-Sauce Butter

This recipe from Eric Kim is extremely delicious, and not much work either. He takes sheet-pan chicken, toasts croutons in the schmaltz and — this is the brilliant moment — serves it with that sauce, made with fish sauce, brown sugar, lemon and butter. You could skip the croutons if you wanted, but they add a fun crunch.

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