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Music Lab Podcast: Sezairi goes from Singapore Idol to regional pop star

The singer first made a name for himself when he won the third and final season of the reality show Singapore Idol in 2009. With his velvety voice and smooth R&B melodies, the singer has seen his popularity expand in the region in recent years. .

In 2022, he made history as the first local musician to have a song with over 100 million streams on Spotify with the emotional ballad It’s You.

She recently released her fourth album, Self Soothing, which features songs driven by the search for inner peace and emotional stability.

Sezairi also sings an intimate, live acoustic version of Daylight, a song from Self Soothing (link below to separate clip).

Highlights (click/tap above):

2:24 On the album title and how music had a calming effect on him as a child; having anxiety about his identity as a singer and songwriter

7:55 At age 17, he decided he was done with academics and wanted to study music, earning his father’s wrath; being expelled from Lasalle College of the Arts

14:10 Lying about being TV host and singer Najip Ali’s cousin at Singapore Idol auditions; having nerves as a performer until recently

21:51 Music culture, supporting local artists in Indonesia, being a success there, bringing best practices to SG, redefining the meaning of a “music KPI”

24:48 Encouraged by his wife Syaza Qistina Tan: “Honey, if we go hungry, we will go hungry together”

27:29 Be one of the singers of the NDP 2021 theme song, The Road Ahead, and perform to an empty audience.

Listen to Sezairi’s live performance here:

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