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NASA’s DART spacecraft successfully crashes into Dimorphos asteroid

Mission complete.

NASA successfully crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid Monday, marking a win for the agency’s plan for when a devastating asteroid should ever threaten humanity. 

The 1,260-pound Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft, or DART, collided with the estimated 11 billion pound, 520-foot long asteroid Dimorphos at 14,000 miles per hour close to 7 million miles from Earth. The spacecraft hit about 55 feet from the asteroid’s center. 

The spacecraft had launched its camera and a shoebox-size companion, LICIACube, over a week ago to photograph the mission, which confirmed the impact. 

“This was a really hard technology demonstration to hit a small asteroid we’ve never seen before, and do it in such spectacular fashion,” Nancy Chabot, planetary scientist and mission team leader at Johns Hopkins University, said after the impact. 

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