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Nawaz Sharif’s driver spits in woman’s face after she accuses him of being a corrupt politician

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has sparked widespread condemnation and backlash after his driver was seen spitting in a woman’s face in London’s Hyde Park for criticizing the Pakistani minister as “a corrupt politician.” “. In the images that have gone viral online, a woman is seen approaching the vehicle of the 73-year-old former Pakistani politician who was sitting next to her driver. The woman was recording the entire incident on the phone. She is seen hurling insults at the former Pakistani politician saying that he is the most corrupt minister.

“I have heard that you are a very corrupt Pakistani politician,” the woman shouted at Nawaz Sharif.

As the woman continued to mock Sharif, his driver lowered the caravan’s windshield and glared at the woman. In what was seen as a scandalous act, she then spat in his face. After completing the maneuver, the driver rolled down the car window and drove away. Sharif apparently did not stop his driver from abusing the woman by spitting in her face. Instead, the Pakistani politician was seen smiling the entire time as the incident unfolded.

‘Fed up with this selective, disgusting morality’: PTI member

A member of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Party shared the video on X condemning the act. He revealed that the attacked woman is a journalist. ”Nawaz Sharif’s driver spits in the face of a journalist who asked a question! None of the liberals, intellectuals or feminists will speak against it. Fed up with this selective morality!! Disgusting,” wrote Dr. Fatima K.

Pakistani citizens were enraged by the incident and demanded accountability from Nawaz Sharif, while others suggested he should apologize. “It shows that he is not only corrupt but also a demon,” wrote one on the microblogging platform and that too for a long time or continues.”

Meanwhile, one stressed that the journalist “asked me if I had heard that you were a corrupt Pakistani politician. Nawaz Sharif pointed at his guard and spat in the woman’s face. And such a rhinoceros is imposing himself on the Pakistanis.” Another angry netizen wrote: “This is the same Prime Minister who has to leave his own country and live in someone else’s country, and then he will understand what the fate of this will be…”

It is worth noting that in May, the London Metropolitan Police and the British Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) sent a letter to Nawaz Sharif’s residence at Avenfield House with the registration details of at least three cars registered in his name that were misused for criminal or terrorism, according to reports based in Islamabad. Sharif, however, denied the cars belonged to him due to criminal activity reported to the DVLA in March, which led to a police investigation.

It is unclear if his driver was involved, as a tip about him was reportedly sent to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Khurram Butt, a London-based PML-N spokesperson, said the act was “a malicious attempt by some individuals to exploit the name and reputation of the PML-N leader for criminal purposes,” according to the newspaper. Pakistan. Sunrise.


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