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NCB arrests woman who ‘runs drug syndicate’ from Mumbra

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested a woman, suspected of running a drug syndicate, from Mumbra on Friday.

The woman, identified as SB Ansari, is the prime suspect in connection with two other drug syndicates and is believed to have been running the business for around 10 years. On Friday, she was found in possession of 130 grams of mephedrone.

The officers believe that she is the kingpin of an interstate drug ring. “She was involved in multi-drug trafficking and was a supply point for different street vendor syndicates. She runs a well-structured syndicate that basically supplies a variety of drugs to different groups of street vendors,” an NCB official said.

According to agency officials, she was also involved in a seizure of 1,170 kg of charas in March of this year.

His key associate was arrested in March, after which his role was identified.

In May, two people, including a vendor, were arrested and 20.5kg of ganja was found in their possession, after which the NCB began tracking their movements. “She initially started out as a street vendor but later became a full-time dealer of illicit drugs in the area,” an official said.

On Friday, the NCB led a search operation in Mumbra to zero in on her. “Details of his location and movement were tracked and based on affirmative information about his presence in the area, NCB Mumbai The team went to the area and ultimately to his location,” an NCB statement said.

“Upon being intercepted, during the search procedures, 130 grams of mephedrone were recovered at her premises. Consequently, the legal procedures were carried out and the drug was seized,” the statement added.

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