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Netflix titles put scamsters Anna Sorokin and Simon Leviev on Google’s Most Searched People of 2022 list

Image Source : INSTAGRAM/INVENTINGANNA Anna Sorokin and Simon Leviev got more popular after the respective show and film on Netflix

Netflix has a knack for acquiring the most interesting subjects for true crime docu-series and films. Time and again, the streamer has proved why it is top of the line when it comes to the original content. This year, among other projects, Netflix’s two most talked about titles were Inventing Anna, a mini-series on the life and crimes of Anna Sorokin (Delvey) and The Tinder Swindler, a movie on the infamous conman Simon Leviev. While the respective show and film were much-discussed by the fans and went viral in 2022, their popularity has landed Anna Sorokin and Simon Leviev in the Top 10 on the list of Google’s Most Searched People of 2022. This may come as a surprise but only reaffirms the power of quality content.

Anna Sorokin, Simon Leviev are among Google’s Most Searched People of 2022, thanks to Netflix

When The Tinder Swindler came out in February, it quickly caught the fancy of true crime lovers. The close-to-two-hour documentary film captured how Simon Leviev conned multiple women after meeting them on the popular dating app. For many viewers, the incidents shown in the film rang true due to their strange connection to the reality of dating apps and how innocent and unsuspecting people can be harmed and robbed off their money. If you have not got the chance to watch The Tinder Swindler, you must check it out on Netflix right now. Interestingly, Simon Leviev has occupied the number 10 spot in the list of Google’s Most Searched People of 2022, which was revealed recently.

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Inventing Anna is not only a smash hit but also puts Anna Sorokin back on the map

This year, Inventing Anna has been one of the most viewed series on Netflix. Anna Sorokin deceived New York’s financial elite of more than a quarter of a million dollars. Her targets were hotels, banks and friends. In the miniseries, consisting of nine episodes, Anna Sorokin’s role has been played by Julia Garner of Ozark fame. Thanks to the Netflix series on her, Anna Sorokin has occupied the number 7 spot on Google’s Most Searched People of 2022 list. She has even beaten British PM Rishi Sunak, who landed at the number 9 spot on online search. 

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