New Galway Study to identify needs of LGBT+ people with dementia

Researchers warn of risks of social isolation, loneliness, and fear of discrimination

A new research project has been launched at NUI Galway to help service providers understand more about the care needs of older LGBT+ people with dementia, who may face increased difficulties associated with the illness.

The team will work with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland to develop recommendations to help improve services and supports.

The research team highlighted that LGBT+ people with dementia endure a significantly more difficult deliberation over whether to disclose personal information. The 2016 LGBTIreland Report showed that 40% of older LGBT+ adults in Ireland do not disclose their sexuality or gender identity to their healthcare providers due to the fear of discrimination.

Part of the NUI Galway research project involves a survey for LGTB+ people aged 50 and over, those who are partner-caregivers of LGBT+ people and others.

Dr Sinéad Hynes, study lead with the Discipline of Occupational Therapy at NUI Galway, said: “Very little attention has been given to their needs and with the support of the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland we are addressing this lack of knowledge by working to create a set of consensus-based recommendations.”

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