New Mandala’s 15th anniversary event – New Mandala

Join us for a live-streamed seminar to celebrate the 15th anniversary of New Mandala, the University’s premier digital platform for anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on Southeast Asia. Since 2006 New Mandala has developed a proud record of contribution to scholarly and popular debates and played a pioneering role in the digitisation of Southeast Asian studies.

To mark this milestone, New Mandala will host a live-streamed seminar on the state of play for independent and scholarly media on Southeast Asian studies in this tumultuous second decade of the millennium. You can register to attend the zoom event here. 

New Mandala turns 10

“Blogging has opened up academia to larger and more varied audiences.” James Giggacher reports on how a military coup led to a revolution in connecting academic insight with the wider world.

The seminar will be introduced by Andrew Walker, co-founding editor of New Mandala, and speakers will include Alan Soon, co-founder and CEO of Splice Media in Singapore; New Mandala advisory board member and regular contributor, Ross Tapsell; and Elly Kent, New Mandala’s current editor.

Zoom information will be sent in the confirmation email.

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