‘New Westralia’ members occupy WA museum, denounce Pope

Western Australia got a taste of revolution today when two men allegedly locked themselves inside the old courthouse in York, west of Perth and assumed ownership.

The men, members of a group named New Westralia, then raised the St George Cross flag of England.

A group of people allegedly took over York Courthouse west of Perth, in the name of New Westralia. (9News)

The alleged incursion took place at about 8.30am.

“This flag is replacing the Satanic mob that have got control of us at the moment,” one of the men said.

The heritage-listed courthouse now holds a museum.

“New Westralia are taking entry and possession of this court in York,” the alleged occupiers declared.

The group raised the St George Cross flag and denounced the Pope. (9News)

“The Bishop of Rome has no jurisdiction in this here realm of England.”

The group are accused of smashing their way inside, where they bowed their heads in prayer over a Bible.

On Facebook, they claimed they were under siege from police.

Officers negotiated with the group for an hour before moving in and carrying the occupiers out.

Three men and a woman faced court this afternoon, charged with trespass and criminal damage.

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